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Learn all about Search Engine Optimization!

If you feel over whelmed with the SEO Steps below or you just don’t have the time to learn and apply SEO to your website, then please contact me to do it for you. My SEO Service fees are reasonable and well worth it.

Please be aware that SEO service is different then the initial design and development of websites and it is usually an extra service that most Web Designers/Developers offer. 

What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the major steps you take to make sure your website is recognized by search engines.  Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOl) have bots that crawl web pages within the Internet. Once you publish a Web Page, the search engines send out their bots to crawl around your page or web pages to see what your website is about.

Applying the proper SEO steps to your website will allow the search engine bots to crawl, index and rank your web pages correctly for readers. Your website rank will be determined by what the search engine bots see when crawling your pages. Google and other search engines want to index, rank and display the best websites out there. They want readers to find exactly what they are looking for. Therefore it is important that your SEO is done and that you offer quality website content for readers to see.

SEO StepsWhat are the SEO Steps to take when applying Search Engine Optimization?

There are several different steps to take when applying SEO to your website. I will list the major SEO steps on this page below. You are probably wondering why I would share my secrets and steps with you right? Well for one, I don’t want you to fall into the SEO trap that I see many website clients falling into. The SEO trap is that there are several so called “SEO Experts” , “SEO Developers” and Designers who are promising Website Owners SEO Services with 100% Guarantees on the results.

These “100% Guarantees” bothers me tremendously because I have been designing and developing websites for years and I know a lot about SEO and steps to take to get ranked well in Search Results. I also know that there is very little chance of having 100% Guarantee that you will be on the first page of Google unless you pay a lot of money directly to GOOGLE and even then your 1st page rank will only be temporary.

If you are one of the many, who wants to pay google to be ranked high, visit and read about Google Adwords. Why would you want to pay them when I will be teaching you proper SEO on this page? I don’t tell my clients that these steps give them 100% Guarantee Results because SEO Methods are always changing and there are many steps to take. However, my Search Engine Optimization steps will definitely help your Search Engine Rankings! Also applying the search engine optimization steps below will SAVE you money in the long run.

For example and hopefully sharing this will not hurt my website rankings: I have never paid Google for Search Engine Placement and my website has been consistently on the first page of Search Engines for years for my main keyword of “Website Help”. Go ahead and google search “website help” and you will see that below the 5 or 6 “paid” listings, TS Web Design is listed and ranked organically on the first page of Google. If I am wrong then please let me know and that will tell me I am missing a step of SEO on my website also.

Steps to take for Proper Website SEO – Search Engine Optimization!

  1. The First SEO Step is to make sure you have Keywords or Keyword Phrases for your Web Pages. What do you want people to type to find your website or web page? For example: I want people to find this page by searching for “SEO Steps” or “Learn all about Search Engine Optimization”.  Therefore, my keywords and keyword phrases for this web page would be: SEO Steps and Learn all about Search Engine Optimization. Pick out at least 2 keywords or keyword phrases for each Web Page.
  2. The Second Step is to make sure your Website, Website Builder,  or Website CMS has a SEO plugin or search engine optimization option available. (If not, you will need to know html or hire a website coder) If you have a Word Press Website then make sure you install a SEO plugin and activate it on your website.
  3.  The third step is to make sure your website has text on your web pages that relate to the keywords you have chosen. Try to make your website text at least 300 words or characters long. Include those keywords in your text about 3 different times per 300 words of text. Make sure your text makes sense so that your readers are easily able to understand what you are saying and offering them. Plus make it make sense for the Search Engines, they look for this. It is called quality and readable content. 
  4.  Step four is to include at least one image in your web page. Use your main keyword as an Alt Tag in the image. So this step is to optimize your web page images by including your keyword as the alt tags. If when uploading your image to your website it doesn’t have a place to put an Alt Tag then it may say “Alternative Text”. That is the box where you place your keyword. 
  5. Step Five is to Add Meta Descriptions – Add meta descriptions to your web pages. Meta Descriptions are small paragraphs that describe your Web Page. Some SEO experts say this isn’t necessary anymore but when applying SEO, I always still add these. Make sure these paragraphs include your Main Keyword or Keyword Phrase.
  6. Step Six is to include your Main Keyword in your Web Page Title! Try to keep your page titles short but include your main Keyword.  If you create long titles then this may also create too long of URLs and you want them to be short for your readers to remember them.

I will try to remember to update this page with any new SEO steps. I mainly wanted to reach out to my current clients and let them know the truth about SEO and there is no guarantees that you will be ranked on first page of Google but your chances will increase tremendously if you apply the SEO steps I have shared above. So please double think agreeing to working with certain SEO experts who send you emails making promises that you will be on the first page of Google. Yes I know that is what you do want but my advise is to follow the steps above and make your website SEO Friendly the right way by following the steps above. You can still be on the first page of Google but you will be doing it the proper way by applying seo to your site instead of paying for placement.


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