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Many of you are asking, how many pages do I need for my website? What are the main pages needed for a website? To build a basic website you need at least four pages. I will list the main pages needed below. First, you need to keep in mind that the more pages to your website, the better. Depending on what type of website you are building, it may take hundreds of pages to display your information and get your website seen on the internet. If you are planning to do just a fun hobby website, you may not need as many pages. The number of pages you have to your website is your personal choice! 

Main Pages needed for your website are:

Home Page! 
The very first page that you will need for your website, is the home page. This is your default page. Your audience (readers) will most likely be directed to this page first. Depending on their search they will land on different pages of your website. However, I have noticed that when I submit my website to readers, website owners, and search engines, it is much easier to submit my home page URL (website address: aka : uniform resource locator) because it is shorter than the URLS of my other pages. Plus, many search engines and other companies that ask for your URL, they are asking for your home page web address.

On your home page you should make a brief description of your website. If you are going to make a website that sells things, then you need to type on your home page the description of your products or service. You should also include a little paragraph about you or your company’s history. You also should add a place on your home page with your contact information. 

Those of you that use Office 365 use to be as your website host, they have already included your home page, contact us, about us, and your sitemap page for you. These are called default pages. You just need to click edit next to the pages and add your own information where it shows the sample writing.
About Us Page! 
Another main page that you should have on your website is the “about us” page. This is where you type more about you and your company, employees, or if you are building a family website, you should include information about your family. Displaying a picture of you, your family or your staff members is also a good idea. This allows your readers and customers to gain trust with you and your website. If you are making a website about your business, then the “about us” page is a good place to display and or list any business licenses, certificates or accomplishments made and received.
Contact Us Page!
Having a contact us page is important to have so that your customers and readers can contact you easily with any questions or concerns they may have. Having a contact us form inserted to your contact us page is also important. Many people on the internet prefer having a contact form at hand, so that they don’t need to write your email address down and then go to their email box to contact you. Having a contact us form is also helpful to you as well, so that your customers don’t leave your website with out contacting you. You want to accumulate as many contacts as possible. These contacts are potential customers to you and your website in the future. 
Once again, if you are using office 365 as your website builder, then the contact us form and page should already be on your website. You just need to edit your information on your contact us page! Be careful not to accidentally click the form and hit delete when you are designing your page. If this does happen, then you can contact me and I will walk you thru the steps of fixing the contact us form!
Sitemap Page!
This page to me is also very important to your website. The sitemap page is a page that lists all of your other pages on your website. Most search engines use your sitemap as a guide to your other pages. My old website host had provided me with this page and also added the pages for me in my sitemap page. So each time I built a new page, office live published it and placed the name of the page into my sitemap.
Services Page –  The Services page is another main web page you will want to include so that your visitors can see a list of the services you offer. Some websites will not need a services page if they are not offering any services to their website visitors.
Please keep in mind that there are several other pages you can include in your website! For other pages that you can include in your website, view my advanced pages website page!

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