Important Website Factors

There are many important website factors to keep in mind when building your site! Building strong content is very important. Remember, that you are trying to bring customers to your site. Good information on your website will have your customers and readers coming back for more. The more content on your website, the better! You want your readers to find what they searched for. 

How does my website content affect google rankings?

Make sure your content is easy to read. Choose a font size and font color that your readers will enjoy. Do not use large or blinding text to get your point across. You will be much more likely to get your point across by providing easy to read text. Make your website as proffessional as possible. Don’t make your font size too small though. Having too small of text will have your readers squinting their eyes to read your information. I usually use 12-14 pt for my font size, because it isn’t too big and it isn’t too small.

Your content also needs to have a good layout as well. Don’t force your content. Let it flow with what you are trying to say. Search engines recognize over used words and keywords. Plus, if you force your content, you will find yourself repeating what you have already stated and your readers will click to another website.


What are search engines?

Search engines are companies such as Google, msn, and yahoo who provide search results for people on the internet. People use their search boxes to find valuable information from websites on a certain subject or topic. For example: If I wanted to know more about unicorns, I would type in the search box: unicorns. Then, depending upon which search engine I used for my search, that search engine will display their results. Their results are collected from reliable websites. The websites that are ranked at the top of their results are those with good content and good keywords.

What are keywords and why are they important website factors?

Keywords are words that you use in your website. Placing keywords in your website is an important factor because search engines use your keywords to help display their search results. As for myself, I don’t stress on the keywords too much because too many keywords placed on your website may also hurt your website. These are called over used keywords. My main purpose to this website is to help my readers find what they are looking for. If my keywords do get ranked high with the search engines, then that is a big bonus for me and my viewers. Keywords on my website is one subject that I have to consider.  At this time my main concern is providing enough information for you to build your website. I encourage you to do more research on your keyword placement and SEO. Most website hosts also offer their customers the choice to pay or buy keywords for their websites. This is an important factor to consider when you are making your website. Also, you should include a major keyword in your domain name.  

What is a domain name and url?
A domain name is your name for your website. Picking out a proper domain name is also very important in building a website. Your domain name should relate to your website’s content. For example: This website is about helping others build websites. So my domain name is:

Many website hosts provide a free domain name for your website. You may however want to purchase a custom domain.  A custom domain is a shorter and more reliable name for your site.

A url is your web address to your website. Your url always contains your domain name. Url stands for: Uniform Resource Locator. Your url is what directs the search engines to your website.  All url’s start with http:// For example: This websites url is: To be able to view your new website online you may need to type your full url into the search box.  Or if you still can’t find your new website, you may need to copy and paste your url into your main web browser. This is usually the search box that is located at the very top of your internet homepage. The reason you have to do this with new websites is because the search engines haven’t crawled your website yet. When your website is new, it takes a few days for the search engines to recognize your website. To speed this process up, you will need to submit your url to the top search engines. Even after your website url has been submitted you may still not be recognized for a couple weeks or so. Just be patient and your website will be noticed soon enough. Patience is an important factor of building websites. Your website takes time to be noticed and ranked with the search engines. It doesn’t happen over night. To have your website built for you professionally then view:

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