How to get Websites Ranked High?

How do I get my website to rank high in search engines?

This has been a question of mine for many years. Just recently, I have put some major facts and website tips together that leads to this answer. I should say answers because there are a lot of different tips to keep in mind while answering how to get ranked high in search engine results. To be blunt about the question, there are several things to do to make your website rank high in search engine results.

When I developed and published my first website, I just threw all the website information up and then wondered, “how long do I have to wait for it to be ranked high?” I automatically assumed that there was nothing more to building a website. A few pages with some basic information posted along with some flashy banners and I figured I was set. This is not the correct website strategy to get your websites ranked high in search results. 
There is so much to it then just sloppily throwing stuff up on your website. Any SEO Expert or Website Developer will tell you that you need to learn Search Engine Optimization. I have built several websites and I learn more about websites everyday. I truly believe in the saying “practice makes perfect”. 
I have in the past been discouraged because of my low page ranks in my previous websites. On this website, I believe my page rank will eventually be much higher in the search results because of the knowledge and experience I now have about SEO and website development. On this page, I will share with you the answer(s) of getting your website or webpage ranked high in search engines.

Major tips on getting my website to rank high!

The number one tip for you, is that you need to be patient with yourself and your website. You need to be patient by giving search engines time to notice your website. This has been my main problem while making websites. Being impatient only leads to discouragement, frustration and unanswered questions. I definitely know the feeling of wondering if my website is going to be ranked high in search results, or if my website is even going to be noticed? You only need to submit your website or web page once to the search engines. The Search Engines will eventually crawl, index and rank your website. Search Engines find websites by following links throughout the internet. So Back-linking your website is another page rank tip you should know.
Patience is a major tip in high website page rank!
Don’t give up on your website if after three long weeks of website work and you are not yet listed or ranked with the search engines. Getting your website ranked or listed with the search engines does not happen all in one or two weeks, this is an ongoing process. It may take a very long time for your website, or it may only take a few days. It vary s, depending on how long it takes them to crawl your website and the quality of your site. Just be patient, it will eventually happen.
Writing and building a quality website is another major tip to ranking high with search engines! A quality website is a website that contains a lot of useful information, it also needs to be easily read and readers should be able to navigate easily through your website. This means that good content to your website is an important factor in building a good website and there shouldn’t be a bunch of popups and flashing banners that distract your readers. Popups are very annoying and it is easier for your readers to go else where, when they are annoyed. That is what I do, I just close all the popups or block them and move on to another website. You want to keep your readers interested by providing them with what they want to read.
Good Content is a major key to a quality website and high search engine rankings.
Learning, understanding and using strong search engine optimization is another tip on ranking high with the search engines. SEO means you need to add meta tags, keywords and descriptive paragraphs to your website. This is to help search engines crawl and rank your website. Meta tags are little phrases that are used in your websites content, within these meta tags there are keywords that search engines use for their search results. For an example of a keyword: “website” is a good keyword for my site. Descriptive paragraphs are a couple sentences that you would use to describe your webpage. My descriptive paragraphs for this webpage would be: “Getting ranked high in search engines” and “Major tips on getting your website to rank high”.  I do know the basics of search engine optimization and I do know this is a very important step to take as a webmaster but I do truly encourage my readers to proceed in further seo investigation and research. Search engine optimization tips for office live websites is available via my website.

Make your website popular, add exposure to your website!  

How do I make my website popular? Popular website tips!

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