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Expose your website to make it popular!
Do you want a popular website? Get your website known to others by exposing your website. Increase your website’s popularity by advertising your website. You need to advertise your website as if you would advertise your business. You need to expose your website to the web and people off-line as well. Advertising your website is one important tip to bringing more visitors to your website. 
Website visitors are more likely to return to your website if you advertise it enough. Use yourself as an example, which website would you likely go to to shop at:
 Wal-mart or You are more likely to visit right? Because, Wal-mart is a known shopping website! Wal-mart exposed their company and website and now they are a very popular website to shop at online.  
Ways to expose or advertise your website to online viewers:

  1. Build a website blog page.
  2. Send out emails to people.
  3. Write and send out Newsletters.
  4. Become a member to other websites.
  5. Join help Forums.
  6. Join social websites.
  7. Add website signatures.
  8. Sign up for google adwords or buy keyword advertising.  
  9. Build a link page and exchange website links.
  10.  Buy online advertising.
  11.  Make banners and text links for your website.
  12.  Develop an affiliate program for your website.


Follow other bloggers and they will follow you!  


Advertise your website to make it popular!

You need to also expose and advertise your website to people who are off-line, (meaning those who are not on the internet.) You should consider everyone potential customers, subscribers, and website visitors. Your website’s popularity doesn’t only depend on online  visitors.  


Ways to expose and advertise your website to off-line prospects: Remember everybody including your grandma, should be considered future customers to your website. Each and every website visitor counts toward your website’s popularity.


Buy or make business cards for your website.


Design and print up flyers for your website.


Mail out announcements of your website.


Post an ad in your local newspapers.


Send out letters to your friends, neighbors, and relatives.  


Hand out flyers and business cards at local events.  

Any chance you get, spread the news about your website. ”Word of Mouth” travels fast and this is a great way to advertise and expose your website. You are the voice for your website, remember that visitors will not come to your website. Take your website to your visitors, customers and potential website customers. 


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