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Email Marketing Help

Need Email Marketing Help?

So many of us website/business owners have heard the hype about email marketing. How many of us actually succeed in completing a marketing campaign though?? As a website and business owner myself, I am aware of the frustrations of the marketing processes. I really should do more marketing to increase my amount of website visitors and paying clients. This post is to give you some encouragement and help to get started with your email marketing campaigns.

There are many benefits to email marketing. If you are still trying to decide if email marketing is something you must do to help your business grow, I will list a few benefits below to help you decide.

  • Target your customers with email marketing. You can pick and choose what category of people or groups you want to reach out to.
  • Beat the competition. Sometimes I think I don’t want to bug people with my emails, but we must remember they have opted in on receiving your emails. They can unsubscribe if it does bother them. Beating the competition and being the first to get customer sales is just a part of business.
  • Reach more clients or customers- Email Marketing is the new Advertising method since so many people are now online with smart phones and computers. Email Marketing will help Advertise to more targeted people.
  • Learn what your customers want. By email marketing you can include surveys/polls or research the action per product(s). This will help you learn what products or services interests your customers most.
  • Gain Loyalty and Customer Trust with Email Marketing. This is a great way to gain trust in your customers/clients by making sure you communicate with them. Specially those who make a purchase, you should send Thank-you emails.

Okay, so now if that interests you then this may also help with your decision: There are Email Marketing Companies that can make the process easier.

If you don’t have the list of people to email or a large group of contacts, List Giant is a great marketing company that can  help! List Giant offers mailing lists, telemarketing lists, sale leads and many helpful tools to make your email marketing a success. If you need a certain group of people to email to, they supply several categories to choose from. There is also a demo marketing portal on their website that you can try out first.

Lastly, you can always email or comment below for help directly from myself. I will do my best to help you with your email marketing needs. Another marketing method that is highly recommended is the popular Social Media Marketing. I will publish a post on Social marketing later with tips, but for now i will say: Share and advertise your business website on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn…along with the Email Marketing technique mentioned above.


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