Web Design Books

If you are not up for trial and error do it your self (DIY) web design, we supply some very helpful and good web design books to help beginner webmasters. These books will help you learn the basics of web design along with Advanced Web Design for those who would like to learn first before […]

Email Marketing Help

Email Marketing Help

Need Email Marketing Help? So many of us website/business owners have heard the hype about email marketing. How many of us actually succeed in completing a marketing campaign though?? As a website and business owner myself, I am aware of the frustrations of the marketing processes. I really should do more marketing to increase my […]

Search Engine Page Rank Tips

How to get GOOD Search Engine Page Rank? This is an additional help page for getting website ranked high! For all website publishers, please read my pages on this help website. Reading tips on getting a higher page rank, will help you and your website. I have been contacted numerous times by website owners who need help […]

Get Free Traffic to Website

Getting traffic to your website is a ongoing experience for a while. You can’t just do one thing and then automatically get free visitors to your website and or web pages. It is an ongoing process for a little bit. After you perform the free traffic steps below, you will then be able to relax […]

How to get paypal buttons to work on Joomla website?

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Web Design News and Help!

Welcome to Web Design News! We will be supplying updated Web Design News on this page. Please feel free to share our website design and development pages. Please also feel free to comment below on how we can improve our site and answer your Web Design questions. Most articles will be related to Web Design […]

How to add bookmark button to website?

How to add bookmark button to your website! Adding a bookmark or share button to your website is always recommended. Allowing visitors to share your website with other people online will help increase your website traffic and rankings with the search engines. Adding a share button will allow others to share your website with many […]

How to make a website?

(Basic Guide to making a Website- For Absolute Beginners)

How to make website? has been asked so many times and I feel I need to write this basic post explaining to all of you the easy way to make a website.

Feel free to subscribe to this blog so that you get updated via email when I make a new post on this website. Most people believe they need to have some major technical skills and they believe they need to know html code to be able to make a website. This is wrong. Now to make a popular website, you may need some website help. This page will tell you the basics on how to make a website.

Making a website can be a fun and rewarding experience but to have a successful website, you need to learn how to make a website.

1. First thing you got to understand is that you will need a website host. A website host allows your website to be viewed by others on the Internet.

2. If you are a beginner website owner, which I am assuming you are. You should find a website hosting company that offers a website builder. Most hosting companies offer a site builder for their customers. Site builders will allow you to make a website the easy way. These site builders are usually called WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) website editors. Some popular website hosting companies that I have worked with that offer site builders and control panels are Godaddy, Hostgator and Siteground.

3. You will need to login to your account via your web hosting company, find the site builder they have offered you and start creating your website. These website editors are usually pretty easy to work with. There are blank templates that you can usually click on add your content and text. They have easy to follow steps for you to create your websites. You will be able to add or delete pages, name your pages, add images, edit your website header, footer ect.

4. Most web hosting accounts offer the customer (you- website owner) a control panel for your website. The cpanel usually comes in play when you want to upl0ad already created pages to your website. The control panel is for more advanced website owners and developers. Most website files can be found in the control panel.

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT ALL WEBSITE EDITORS AND BUILDERS MAY BE DIFFERENT THAN OTHERS. There are different types of websites and most websites have different features, plugins, extensions and functions. There are the basic site builders(WYSIWYG editors) that most web hosting companies offer to customers and then there are content management systems or applications (cms) that allows more control over your website design and features. Example: WordPress or Joomla websites are cms websites. Usually you have the option of installing cms applications to run your website. The installation can be done in your control panel (cpanel) that is activated by your website hosting company.

If you have any further questions or concerns about How to make a website, please contact me on contact us page.

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Are you having Website Trouble?

Are you having Website Trouble? We can help troubleshoot your website. We have many website pages to help you with your website. If this website doesn’t help with your website, feel free to contact us at any time for any website trouble you may be having. All the information displayed on this site is free […]